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Why PPR Pipes Are Better Than Ordinary Pipes?

Why PPR Pipes Are Better Than Ordinary Pipes?

Why PPR Pipes Are Better Than Ordinary Pipes?


PPR Pipes are known as Polypropylene Random copolymer Pipes. These pipes are made up of a type of plastic that is efficient to use in many ways. They are made up of thermoplastic material and polypropylene resins. 

These pipes are used in the plumbing system in the building construction. They are widely used to supply water all over the building. They supply hot as well as cold water without any damage because of their thermal resistivity.

PPR Pipes are also used in the chemical distribution in chemical industries. They have high resistance against the chemical. Thus do not degrade by chemical distribution. 

These pipes are best for plumbing systems in buildings. They are portable, easily available, and affordable in the global market. They are available in different colors. They are easy to carry as well as easy to install. 

PPR are all-purpose pipes that have various applications. With the increasing civilization of society, construction work is increasing. And for building PPR Pipes are the best choice for a plumbing or supply system.

In this blog, we are deliberating why PPR Pipes are better than ordinary pipes.

Characteristics features of PPR Pipes

PPR Pipes are globally used in construction sites. Their characteristics are the major reason behind their popularly increasing demand in the plumbing industry. 

It adds value to the property, enhances its durability, and protects it from damage. They have several characteristics that help to build a strong construction.

PPR Pipes are versatile and widely used. One of the main features of these pipes is that it has high thermal resistivity. It is not damaged by the frequent change in temperature. It can withstand hot or cold fluid distributions.

They are energy efficient. As they are thermal resistant, they do not consume or lose any amount of thermal energy. It enhances the distribution of fluids. It has a smooth surface which facilitates the supply of fluid without friction. It embellishes the flow of the fluid. 

These pipes are chemical resistant. They do not react with chemicals. They can withstand chemical supply. They do not take oxidation reactions and hence do not corrode or rust over time.

PPR Pipes are a very relevant choice. Another characteristic for which it is majorly preferred is its portability. They are very lightweight, easy to cut, easy to mold, and easy to install. They are very affordable and lead to effortless manipulation.

All these characteristics combinedly build strong pipes. These characteristics united make PPR Pipes durable. It helps to improve the lifespan of these pipes and makes it the no.1 choice for a fluid supply system.

Why PPR Pipes are better than ordinary pipes


PPR Pipes are the most efficient pipes of all. It has a longer lifespan than any other ordinary pipe. It has high durability and stability which enhances its life span. No other pipes are in comparison to the lifespan of the PPR Pipes.

It has a life of approximately 50 years and even more if installed and maintained properly. Ordinary pipes including metal or normal pipes do not withstand such durability and require frequent maintenance with a short lifespan.

Smooth Installation

PPR Pipes come up with a polished and smooth surface. They are lightweight and have high elasticity. They are available in various ground colors such as red, green, white, and blue. 

Because of its smooth surface, it helps to enhance the flow of fluids. It reduces the frictional force for better supply. They are lightweight which leads to ease of transportation. Its elasticity facilitates molding and installation in the building.

Temperature resistant

PPR Pipes are temperature resistant. It means these pipes are not damaged by excess heat or cold. It can supply hot or cold both types of fluids irrespective of temperature. They are higher temperature resistant than ordinary pipes.

Ordinary pipes become damaged by the use of excessively hot or cold fluids. It does not condone the flow of extreme temperatures. While PPR Pipes offer a wide range of temperature resistance. It ranges from 10 degrees celsius to 95-degree celsius.

Energy Efficiency

PPR Pipes are more energy efficient than ordinary pipes. It does not consume or lose heat, unlike other ones. This capability of these pipes makes them suitable for high temperature or heat retention. These pipes lower the energy consumption or loss than ordinary pipes. 

Energy efficiency benefits the consumer. It also improves the durability of the pipes. These lower the demand for frequent maintenance and damage. PPR Pipes are cost-effective pipes that’s why they are highly recommended for building construction.

Corrosion resistant

These pipes are highly corrosion-resistant. Not any other ordinary pipe can withstand the level of corrosion resistivity offered by these pipes. They do not oxidize with the increase in humidity in the atmosphere. 

They provide high efficiency. The ordinary pipes corrode from the inner surface. Then these ordinary pipes harm the water or fluid that is supplied through them. Whereas PPr pipes offer high corrosion resistivity and do not cause any harm to water or fluid.

Chemical resistant

PPR Pipes are preferred by large industries including chemical and pharmaceuticals. It has high resistivity against chemicals. It does not react with chemicals. It also does not release any type of chemicals. 

Ordinary pipes including metal pipes may release some chemical ions into the water supply which is harmful to those who consume it. On the other hand, PPR Pipes are safer than others. They are chemical resistant as well as not release any harmful ions in the distribution of water or fluids.

Sustainable to environment

These pipes are more sustainable to the environment than any other ordinary pipes. They are environmentally friendly. They are recyclable and do not cause damage to the environment. 

Ordinary pipes are not sustainable for the environment. They cause severe damage on burning or corrosion Whereas PPR Pipes do not cause any damage and they are fire-resistant. They do not release harmful gas on combustion, unlike ordinary pipes.


The demand for PPR Pipes is popularly increasing. The reason for the increasing requirement for these pipes is their characteristic features. It has various benefits including longevity, durability, stability, low thermal conductivity, energy efficiency, corrosion resistivity, and portability. All these features combinedly make PPR Pipes the most widely used global choice.

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