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What are the applications of PPR Pipes?

What are the applications of PPR Pipes?

What are the applications of PPR Pipes?


PPR Pipes are Random Copolymer Polypropylene resin. These are thermoplastic pipes that have plumbing system applications. They have many advantages which increase the demand for these pipes in the global market. 

PPR Pipes are lightweight, portable, and flexible. It can be transported easily. It has a smooth and polished surface which facilitates the flow of water or any kind of fluids. It has high elasticity which makes it easy to install. 

In recent years, the demand for PPR Pipes has been increasing because of their versatility. They are very affordable and easily available. They are cost-effective and worthy of a supply system. This is why it is recommended by millions of people for their building construction. 

These pipes are available in many core colors including red, yellow, white, blue, and mainly green. They have long lengths and approximately 30-120 mm in both inner and outer diameter. 

They have several characteristics which enhance their demand in the global market. From durability to its low thermal conductivity capability, not any other ordinary pipes comes in its comparison. 

The PPR Pipes industry is expanding globally. And with the expanding market, its application is also accelerating. In this blog, we focus on the applications of PPR Pipes.

Why is the PPR Pipes industry expanding globally?

We can see the increasing trend of Polypropylene Random Copolymer pipes. They have been promptly expanding globally in the pipes industry. There are several reasons for their increasing requisition.


PPR Pipes have several characteristics. One of the main reasons for its expanding global industry is PPR Pipes’ durability. It can withstand extreme temperature changes and is rust-free, smooth, and polished with high efficiency. 

These pipes have a long lifespan. It can last over 50 years under proper installation and timely maintenance. PPR Pipes’ durability also improves the life and strength of the plumbing system of the building constructions.

Low-Thermal conductivity

These pipes have low conductivity against thermal. They do not consume or lose heat during the distribution process. The hot or cold water can smoothly flow through these pipes. They do not have any impact of heat on their inner or outer surface.

The low thermal conductivity feature enhances its demand in various supply systems. It also contributes to energy efficiency. That’s why it is a highly preferred choice among others.

Temperature Resistant

These pipes are highly temperature resistant. They do not damage under extreme changes in temperature. They do not release any harmful chemicals or material in the fluid system because of temperature changes.

It has a range of temperature in degrees celsius which determines its resistivity limits. From 10 to 95 degrees celsius it can bear the temperature change in the environment. Thus, it is highly recommended in the region of extreme temperatures.

Corrosion Resistant

PPR Pipes are efficiently used by many architectures for providing the best model of construction. These pipes are more stable than other ordinary pipes. They have high corrosion resistivity.

It means they do not corrode or rust under high humidity or salinity. Due to this feature, PPR Pipes are majorly used in saline regions. Hence, contributing to the global market.

Low maintenance 

These pipes have long durability and high stability. It means it does not need frequent repair or any replacement. They are cost-effective pipes. It is considered a one-time investment.  

They are easy to install and very portable due to their lightweight. It does not corrode or damage. Hence, used by many businesses for money security. 

Rise in demand

PPR Pipes benefited people in many terms. These benefits increase its demand globally. And the rise in demand leads to the expansion of the PPR Pipes industry.

What are the applications of PPR Pipes?

The increase in demand for PPR Pipes depicts its wide range of applications. Its characteristics like durability, corrosion resistivity, temperature insulation, low thermal resistivity, and cost-effectiveness raise its demand. There are several applications of PPR Pipes pipes. 

Water supply system

PPR Pipes are used in water supply systems. The distribution of mineral water in the civilized regions is one of the PPR Pipes applications. The water supply is an important part of civilization whether in residential or corporate regions.

These pipes are a suitable choice for the plumbing system. They do not contaminate water or release any harmful substance in the supply. It has a smooth surface which supplies water more efficiently. They are very portable and affordable. Hence, they are used in the plumbing system of many regions and buildings. 

Chemical industrial application

PPR Pipes have high resistivity against chemicals. It means these pipes do not have any impact on any chemicals including acids, bases, or any compound that can damage any ordinary pipe. 

This feature makes them suitable for installation in the chemical industries. They can withstand chemicals. And also do not release any chemicals into the supply system. This makes them considerable among others.

Underfloor heating system

Underfloor heating is a process of providing heat to a home by installing tube pipes under the floor. PPR Pipes are used in the underfloor heating system. 

PPR Pipes are temperature resistant. They do not molten or damaged by extreme temperature change. They provide a safe and protective underfloor heating system. It also ensures the safety of the property.

Food and beverage industry

The food and beverage industry is also one of the major applications of PPR Pipes. They are used because of their chemical resistivity and non-intoxicating capability. 

These pipes do not release any substance into the supply. They are corrosion-free pipes. They provide safe and hygienic distribution of the fluid in the food and beverage industry. 

Agricultural irrigation system

PPR Pipes are environment friendly. They are sustainable for the environment. They can be recycled. They are temperature resistant and do not have any impact on UV radiation. 

Hence, they are also used in the agriculture industry. They are useful in the irrigation of vegetation. Facilitates the supply system in the process of irrigation. Hence, it is recommended for the agricultural irrigation system.


PPR Pipes are Polypropylene Random Copolymer pipes. They have more benefits and merits than any other ordinary pipes. It enhances the life of your plumbing or supply system. It has various characteristics including durability, long lifespan, cost-effectiveness, and high resistance against any temperature change. It has a smooth & polished surface and high elasticity. It has various features which enlarge the area of application of PPR Pipes. PPR Pipes have several applications including water supply systems, residential and corporate building plumbing systems, irrigation systems, heating systems, and so on. These all factors combinedly expanded the global market of these pipes.

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