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Welding Toolkit is Available at KPT Pipe Manufacturer

Welding Toolkit

Welding Toolkit is Available at KPT Pipe Manufacturer

KPT pipes is a Delhi based one of the PVC pipe companies in India. We manufacture and supply the best quality of material across every corner of India. To ensure the proper fitting and plumbing system we also have the welding kit available at our place.

We know that PVC is a versatile, flexible, and sustainable material that can be implemented at every corner. The application areas differ so the welding process and practices. Two types of plastic are available in the market that is known as thermoplastic, thermosetting, etc.

Types of Plastic Welding Process

Many factors decide which practice should be performed. While the engineers and designers come to do their job they check the pressure, heat, and filler material. The selection of the welding process is one of the difficult parts during the process of plumbing and drainage system installation. There are mainly three types of welding processes performed on the PVC fitting PPR pipe.


  • Hot gas welding
  • Friction welding
  • Solvent welding


Hot gas welding is done by Hot gas gun, which is also popular as a hot air welder machine. In this process, heat and dry air are involved to smoothen the plastic joint and filler material. One thing that should be considered is that the joint part should be manufactured with similar material. This is one of the most frequently used welding practices performed to do the installation of the small and delicate items plumbing system.

Friction Welding is another kind of welding technique that is practiced on plastic. It does not practice using the hot gas welder machine or any other specific tool. This type of welding process is done by applying the required amount of friction to induce the heat to strengthen the joints. This process eliminates the surfaces that are producing anyhow and constructs the product strongly in a while.

In Solvent Welding, no heat is involved to construct the joint. Different types of solvent material are available in the market that uses solvent-welding practices. These solvent materials even the place of the joints and make the joints rigid. When the solvent material is vaporized it strengthens the joints and the welding process is ended here.

Equipment used for PVC/ plastic welding(pipe manufacturer)

To connect the two pieces or components, welding is the most common and efficient method that strengthens the plumbing and fitting process. But this process can efficiently be carried out only when the right kind of tools are available and used for practice. The commonly used welding tools are Angle Grinders, welders, electrodes, clamps, etc.

While the practices are going on at commercial, residential, industrial places, piping manufacturers advise taking the essential safety precautions. Mainly the plumbers use safety gloves, helmets, leather clothing kits, etc. As in all of the processes, heat is the primary concern for individuals so everyone should be aware of it.


KPT pipe manufacturer in India is established as a known firm in the PVC industry and produces, manufactures the connectors, couplings, fittings, valves, threaded fittings, thermals, pneumatic, pipe materials. You can place your orders and can purchase a welding tools kit, welding device, and welding cutter to make the process easier. 

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