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Quality Raw Materials, the Base of Rigid PPR Plumbing System

PPR Pipes

Quality Raw Materials, the Base of Rigid PPR Plumbing System

PPR pipe and fitting materials are utilizing at a wide level in industrial, commercial, and residential locations. It is a safe and non-toxic material for humans and the environment. The pipe and fittings are connected through hot welding technology. A pressure test is also done to check the leakage events during the installation.

The Hot welding process and testing method are the significant steps of the overall installation process. If the pipes have cleared the pressure test, it ensures that the pipe is installed correctly and you will not face any problem in the future.

PPR pipes are the perfect combination of the modern plumbing system and water transportation needs. It offers high-quality heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance. The inner and exterior surface is smooth and does not infect by dust particles. PPR pipes are far better than the conventional metal pipe system. 

These pipes have reduced the time and cost of installation and made the construction process easier. These pipes have eliminated all the problems faced in the traditional plumbing pipes. PPR pipe is one of the environmentally accepted products that can be reused again. Whether it’s a domestic water transportation system or an industrial water transportation system PPR pipes are best for all applications at modest rates.

7 points for the quality installation of PPR

  • The PPR pipe is strong and smooth enough. You should be careful during transportation and inventory time it should not be damaged by external agents or any kind of forceful events. One should wear the proper gloves in which you can perfectly grip the pipes.
  • The temperature is also a significant factor at the time of the installation process. If it is winter, you should be careful at the time of installation because it is too cold at that time so any kind of stress or force may damage, we need more sharp tools so the cutting process can be smoothened.
  • Whether you are installing threaded fittings, flanges, or end caps, the integration will be done by the hot-melting process, the only thing that makes the connection effective and sustainable and eliminates the leakage.
  • If you have installed the PPR pipe in your previous projects, and it has collapsed at high temperature it means the raw material is not of standard quality, and the pipe schedule, holding capacity is not according to the fitting products. 
  • Stay attentive towards the scheduling of the pipe otherwise, you will not get the proper water flow. Heat resistance, temperature resistance, Diameter, and water flow are interconnected with each other. If the raw material is not in the appropriate ratio, and the wall thickness is also not appropriate, you will feel disappointed.
  • Different scheduling pipes are segmented for different application areas at different prices. PPR tubes are also getting popular these days for different reasons at different places. PPR pipes have become the strongest part of civil engineering projects.
  • The raw material percentage ratio and purpose are mentioned by the manufacturer on the exterior and packaging cover but most people do not pay attention to this. If they see they don’t have enough knowledge about the toxicity of the products.

A product store becomes a brand because of the positive customer feedback. The product manufacturer invests the time and efforts to deliver the product with no toxicity, maintaining the ratio and quality of raw materials. It is the characteristic of reliable pipe companies in India

We are known as the KPT brand and it’s all because of our customers that are spread around every corner of the country. It is their faith in us that has made us the frontline PPR pipe manufacturer.

As PVC is a versatile material that is used for various DIY applications PPR is also similar, it is lightweight, rigid, and has approached the home-decor, commercial-decor look arrangements, toolkits, and other things. High-wall thickness ensures the durability of application areas, it can bear the force and UV rays. We produce the best quality of products in the pipe market and deliver to desirable locations with full coverage at decent budget prices.


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