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PVC Fitting PPR Flanges | KPT pipes

PVC Fitting PPR Flanges | KPT pipes

Flanges are used to make different fittings. High-quality fitting material is available at the KPTpipe manufacturer. Installing a flange is a professional practice. But before calling them you need to select the right type of flange fitting component. Different types of flange fittings are used for different purposes.

Types of Flanges and their implementation

Slip flange, Van stone flange, Threaded flange, Spigot flange, Blind flange, etc. are some of the flange types that are used with valves, and other fitting components.


  • Slip Flanges


Installation of slip flanges is easier as compared to other flanges fitting. You can use solvent cement to establish a stronger grip and connection. As the name suggests. These flanges easily slide over the pipe. It is categorized as one-piece and Van-stone. One-pieces flanges are hard to manage, designed with solid molded parts. It is difficult to reposition once glued so please do it professionally.


  • Van-stone Flanges


The bolt alignment is simpler and easier with Van-stone flanges as it is designed with a two-piece, a rotating ring also exists here. By considering the application area you can purchase slip or spigot flanges.


  • Threaded Flanges


You can install this flange without applying a solvent or cement. You can connect a male threaded fitting and nipple fitting component to this one female thread flange.


  • Spigot Flanges


Slip flanges are designed to slide over the pipe made with PVC or CPVC material while the spigot flanges are designed to fit over the fitting component. You need to apply solvent cement for proper fitting arrangement.


  • Blind Flanges


To stop the flow into the system blind flanges are designed. No glued or threaded style is used. One flange is bolted to the other flange and seals the way of system flow.

Installation of PVC flanges

The two flange connections are considered. One is a flange to flange connection and the other one is a flange-valve-flange connection. 

Flange-Flange connection

To secure a flange-flange connection, you will need to carry a gasket and bolt kit. The bolt materials are made with steel or zinc metal. Zinc is a comparatively more corrosive material than stainless steel. But because of the affordability people look for zinc bolts. A full-face EPDM gasket is used for the overall process.

When you want to install a flange to flange connection you need to choose the right size of bolt kit and gasket. All the fittings tools, screws, screwdrivers are available in the bolt kit.

Flange-valve-flange connection

Non-wafer style valves and stud packs are required to fit during the flange-valve-flange connection. You will get studs, washers, nuts, for the perfect grip with the stud pack.

To install a flange, you should have info about the sorts of flanges, screws, gaskets, valves, this will make the installation process much easier and time-saving. Hire a professional plumber that knows the right fitting components, solvent materials, screws, and sizes. You can find the best ppr pipe manufacturers in india to purchase flanges and toolkits online. To get the modest high-efficient high performance-based tools and PVC components.

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