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Our goal is to adapt and to innovate

Our goal is to adapt and to innovate

We have started our manufacturing units journey from 2008, and since to now we have only one thought in our minds which is to keep maintaining our business products quality. As it is the root of the successful ventures in the industry area. By keeping this thought in mind we have joined the community of the leading pipe manufacturer in India.


Fast product delivery on the exact location 

The quality is not only the one factor there are other factors also that makes the business diversified in every corner is the on delivery.


We know the value of time as if it reached late on the desired location, the construction can not be processed further, it is a total waste of time. We have fastened our delivery service to assure on-time delivery. We also take care that the products do not get affected in the midway. We keep on the protection of the PVC products ppr pipe and fittings.


Fulfillment of Commercial needs and resources

We have tried to innovate and launch the products to fulfill the industrial and commercial applications area’s desires. Gradually, we have become successful to adapt to the process of modern technologies and specifically designed the greentherm, pneumatic, and thermaplus PVC pipes for our customers with the best quality of products, high-performance based machinery. We assure you that no damage will happen to our products. 


We understand that in fact, everything will not be the same in the future, more technological changes will occur, more products will be launched but we are ready to go with the change and adapt to the change. As long as we are here, as PVC piping manufacturers we will keep innovating new generation product material for the industry and human areas.


KPT PVC products manufactured house, PVC pipe manufacturer Delhi we will keep improvising our techniques, our knowledge, and quality of the material that will meet up the industrial standards and regulation. We will take care that our act of manufacturing will not harm humanity and the environment, it is our primary concern.


The specifications of our products are

  • Fire retardant,
  • Chemical-resistance 
  • Multipurpose implementation 
  • No environmental issues 
  • High-techniques implemented 


When people come to make a selection of the pipe they want the products that are best from each one site(pipes companies in India) they have visited. Also, the process should be reasonable, the quality should be excellent and everything should be compatible with the application areas where they want to install these products.


KPT has taken care of all these facts and doubts of the customers and designed and manufactured the products in the same way at low prices. You can get all kinds of products like thermals, green there, pneumatic for hospital sites, restaurants, homes, companies, etc. 


People are always looking for simple piping manufacturers’ solutions at affordable rates and get engaged with the one that delivers the optimum quality of products and services on time. We provide full customer support if anyone has anything to share with us or they need to enquire about our services and product details we are here!!


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