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Instruction for safe storage, transportation, assembling of PPR pipe

Instruction for safe storage, transportation, assembling of PPR pipe

PPR pipe allows easy installation, at domestic and commercial water pipeline projects. In the arrangement of concealed pipe installation, the maintenance process becomes hectic. In this scenario, the leakage pipe events can not perform easily.

To ensure the sealable PPR pipes fitting connection, an appropriate method should be practiced. Generally, the PPR pipe installation is performed by hot-melt welding, fusion method, and threaded method.

The high-melt welding method is the most convenient method that is preferred worldwide for pipeline system installation. It offers a reliable and secure interface between the joints. However, the welding mechanism creates noise in the surroundings but we can’t do anything about it. 

Instruction while assembling PPR pipeline project

At the time of assembling the professional should remember the following points.

  • Every fitting product material has a different shape and facing, at the time of assembling the professional should practice according to the instructions given on the product packaging or manuals. If you follow the instructions properly the work will be completed on time.
  • To avoid the situation of dismemberment and bruising use branded tools and machines. It is difficult to assemble the product without sharp tools. It will damage the pipe and fitting products and leakage occur. In this situation, you have to practice the things and the project will take time to complete.
  • Don’t be so close to the welding machine it invites accidental events.
  • Don’t touch the active welding machine or razor blades with or without gloves.
  • If the assembling is done or you no longer want to practice with the welding machine, turning off the power button or keeping it at a close distance is risky and also increases the electricity bill.
  • Comply with the operational requirements and expert instructions.

Secure inventory and delivery a few things are considered:

To deliver brittle-free, and crack-free PPR products, we have hired experienced professionals that ensure the quality of packaging material and delivery network. We ensure the on-time delivery to the exact location.

Single pipe arrangement may cause cracks so we form a bundle of pipes. We use specific wrap-up materials to protect them from dust. The product code and other details are imprinted on the pack so you can match if you have received the right product. In case you have any query you can directly contact us by mentioning the product details.

The raw material we use to produce the product is of high quality and impurities-free. To protect the fitting products from any damage we keep the items in inventory and whenever the products order is received we load them for the shipping process. 

  • The pipe and fitting products should be kept in the shaded or other appropriate areas.
  • The length shouldn’t be impacted by any movement.
  • The temperature should not be less than 0 Deg and not more than 95 Deg. Otherwise, the product can brittle or melt.
  • If you find any pipe material cracks or scratched try to contact the manufacturer or dealer for the replacement, defected pipe and fitting will not form a reliable connection.
  • Please lift and hold the materials adequately any irresponsible behavior may lead to damaging events.
  • Multilayered, pre-insulated PPR materials can prevent the UV rays effect but still, the pipe and fittings need coverage.
  • The tools and welding machine should be sharp-edged and active to practice.
  • Wear fireproof clothes, shoes, gloves, caps, glasses to reduce the risk of fire events accessories are avoided.

At the production site and installation site, we advise the debris-free environment so the pipeline project can be completed without any accidental events. No crowd or public activity should be performed around the project site, it is not safe at all.

Ask us for PPR pipe fitting products delivery

Our industrial setup is established at Central Hope Town, Selaqui, Industrial Area, Dehradun, India.

Thermaplus and Pneumatic both are the recognized PPR fitting product range launched by us. These pipes and fittings products fulfill the utility of air compression systems, drinking water supply systems, oxygen, nitrogen, and other gas supply system, hospital requirements, hotel requirements, and other industrial pipeline networks.

All the fitting products comply with the international parameters and standards and german technology. Check the product code models, PN parameters for the proper selection, and let us know what we can do for you!

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