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Important Things to Install a Proper PPR Piping System

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Important Things to Install a Proper PPR Piping System

KPT pipe manufacturer supply the products everywhere at decent rates. These pipes and fitting products are installed at various locations to construct the plumbing system, wastewater management, air compressor system fitting, and many more.

If you want to purchase the pipes and fitting PPR for the air compressor systems, our professionals want to tell you a few things. If you will consider the following things it will increase the efficiency level of the entire system.

Problematic factors in water transportation needs

Angles should not sharp

The problem of sharp angles has been eliminated after the advancement of the PPR pipe. These are smooth and maintain a flawless supply. It is a general problem in metal pipes, If you want to escalate the flow of air please pay attention to the angles make sure that the angles should not be too sharp as it impacts the pressure level. The professional does not install sharp angels. The 90 angle elbow fittings are an example of sharp angles. 

In the event of improper angles, the energy and time will go to waste. These sharp elbow fittings degrade the pressure rate. Experienced plumber and pipe fitting professionals advised not to use this kind of low-pressure product. 30 angle, 45 angle elbows are far better to set up.

Wet vapor problem

It is another problem that restricts the flow. Because of the presence of moisture, corrosion elements start forming. Gradually, it spreads inside the plumbing system pipes and affects the entire system and water supply. Our pipes are best to use and install hot and cold water application systems. These are primary PPR plastic pipes that eliminate the moisture problem so there is no amount of corrosion or junk accumulated inside or outside the pipe and the water supply stays flawless.

It also creates waste, and once the pipe comes in the contact with corrosion it causes irritated voice and rough water transportation. By making some changes in the compressor inlet, the moisture problem gets eliminated. This arrangement makes the opposite effect on the airflow speed. In this event, Installing an aftercooler is also an efficient way to remove the moisture. 

Blockage wall

When the moist get accumulates inside the system it creates a hurdle midway to flow the liquid or chemical properly through the pipe. If the corrosion elements approached inner operational parts or components like valves, connectors, sensors, or dryers. You need to invest a big amount of your savings in their maintenance. 


How is a PPR pipe better than metal pipes?

PPR pipes are far better to avoid such kinds of problems. These are lightweight to metal materials. The transportation cost is comparatively low, free from corrosion and rust problems at affordable rates. 

  • PPR pipe installation process is time-saving. All these pipes are designed to install sustainable compress air piping systems, rural and urban water transportation systems, drainage systems, wastewater arrangement processes, heating systems, chilled water pipeline systems. These pipes do not need any kind of insulation, painted and layered well.
  • Pipes are manufactured with advanced technology. These pipes do not get affected by sunlight and temperature, it can sustain any weather conditions for long years. Metal pipes get dirty with dust particles and sticks to the surface. But PPR pipes are good in many ways as after the water showers, the look and shine get enhanced. It looks like a new setup and installed pipe system.

While you are installing any kind of piping system you are investing a big amount of money. It is better to invest in something that is worth it for you and stays the same for years, PPR pipes from the recognized brand (pipe companies in India) are the guests that will provide the durable water flow and airflow for years without encountering any leakage events.

To get a fire-retardant, corrosion-resistant, proper flow, through the PPR pipe we have a collection of fitting PPR components. You can purchase a different type of valves, Elbows, Tees, Slip-on fittings, Cross Tee, Pipe clamps, Tank connector, Long plugs, Weld-In saddle, Double battery Tap Connector, Tee with Disk, Concealed valves, Hole Repair Die, Hole Repair Bar, etc.

KPT pipes are delivering their greentherm and Pneumatic pipes around the cities of India. So, do check the range of product catalogues.


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