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How to identify Good or Bad PP-R pipes


How to identify Good or Bad PP-R pipes

Planning to purchase PPR pipes but don’t have any clue about these pipes? No worries. We are here to help you with this today. In this blog, we have shared the main points that will give you an idea of how to check whether the pipe is of good quality or bad. Continue reading to learn more about the PPR pipes and make the best decision per your needs.

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Testing Process

To give you a quick overview of how to find the best quality pipes, you must look for these factors before finalizing the PPR pipes:

  • The inner diameter of the pipes should not deform easily.
  • The pipes should not be deformed when fittings are attached.
  • They should be smooth with soft handles and should be able to close smoothly without any deformation.


Let’s understand all these factors in depth to help you make the best decision.

Smooth surface

PP-R pipes feature a smooth surface which ensures high water flow. They are non-toxic and sanitary and are suitable for both hot and cold water systems. They are also corrosion-resistant, so they don’t rust even after many years of service. In addition, PP-R pipes are recyclable.

PP-R pipes are easy to install because they are made of the same material as their fittings. It makes them easier to install and more reliable than plain pipes. They are made of thermoplastic polyolefins, which contain carbon and hydrogen. Because of this, they have good thermal insulation.

Soft handle

PP-R pipes are made of polypropylene. The material is not toxic and non-corrosive. Its outer layer is white, and the inner layer is green. This material has excellent durability and creeps resistance. Its helical flow-channel structure helps prevent it from deforming easily.

The Smooth handle of PP-R pipes

The smooth handle of PP-R pipes is important for piping applications. It prevents the deformation of the inner diameter of the pipe. It has high thermal insulation properties. It is also corrosion-resistant and able to withstand pressure. It is a good choice for pipes used in pipelines and fittings.

The smooth handle of PP-R pipes is a distinguishing feature of a good PP-R pipe. The smooth handle and the soft surface are a sign of good quality. However, a poor-quality PP-R pipe is likely to have impurities in its composition. In addition, a good PP-R pipe should have a uniform wall thickness and no odor. To tell the difference between good and bad pipes, you can use a caliper to measure their wall thickness. However, it is necessary to understand the national standard to ensure the measurement’s accuracy.

Light-closing performance

Unlike copper, PP-R pipes have a higher insulation effect and a slower cooling rate than copper. This effect makes PP-R pipes an excellent choice for insulating attics, basements, and other spaces. Unlike copper, a valuable commodity, PP-R is not easily stolen for its scrap value.

PP-R pipes are also lightweight, weighing 75 to 80 percent less than comparable metals. Their fusion welding capability is also excellent, making them an excellent choice for connecting piping systems. This seamless connection prevents leaks and makes installation easier and more reliable. Unlike copper or steel, PP-R pipes do not release toxic by-products during combustion. Because of this, they are not affected by dissolved minerals.


PP-R pipes are available in a variety of nominal diameters. The nominal sizes ranging from 3/8 inch to 28 inches. They have higher minimum hydrostatic pressure ratings than PPR pipes. They also have different wall thickness and dimension ratios. However, the two types are compatible and can be used for similar applications.


So the above mentioned are some of the points that will help you in identifying the good or bad quality PPR pipes. If you are looking for more ways, you can reach out to us. Our experts will help you distinguish the best quality PPR pipes. Also, you can visit our blog section to brush up on your knowledge about the same. To make you more insightful about PPR pipes, we bring the most relevant and frequently asked topics so that you can choose the best piping system for your use.


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