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Be Careful During the Hot Melting Process of PPR Pipe

Greentherm Pipes

Be Careful During the Hot Melting Process of PPR Pipe

PPR pipes are an integral part of construction and plumbing projects. People are using greentherm, Pneumatic pipes for different types of industrial, commercial, and residential requirements. These pipes have cut off the production expenses, reduce the number of labor, and also take less time to set up overall projects.

As the pipes are different from PVC Pipes, therefore, the tools are also different for installation purposes. Pipe cutters are specifically designed to cut the perfect size of pipes without any hurdles. You can visit any pipe companies in India to purchase the tools or to get the required info about the PPR pipes, fittings, and toolkits.

Apart from water transportation (both cold and hot water), wire fitting, wastewater management, air compression systems, these pipes are also used for decorative purposes. So, we can say that PPR pipes are a highly versatile material that can satisfy indoor and outdoor construction needs, irrigation processes.

  • The plumber and professional who are responsible for the entire installation process know which fitting material will be best suitable for the specific application areas? 
  • What kind of shape will increase the flow of water? 
  • They know how to design a sustainable water transportation, air compression system using these high-quality Greentherm pipes and fitting material.

PPR pipes are known for their durability, moderate rate, safety, security, and harmless installation process.  The maintenance is not that tough. These pipes are easily manageable. When a pipe is installed for indoor applications, the metal sleeve fulfills the utility.

PPR pipe Installation by Hot melting process

PPR pipes are joined by a hot-melting or welding process. We generally called it temperature heating and because of this chances of leakage events have reduced. In other terms, the heat process has covered the expenses of leakage events. It is the task of professionals or experts because we need to measure the ideal temperature as well as the time.


Too much heat can cause collapse events. It is totally the wastage of the pipe material, fitting, as well as time. PPR is a very rigid and versatile material and its variants are available in the pipe market. KPT pipe manufacturer has covered a long path of hardworking and it’s all worth it because their hardworking, consistent, high-quality products have made them popular in the capital city of India.


Now, KPT ppr pipe and fittings has become the choice of many construction companies. Here, one can find all types of pipe and fitting material. The implementation of PPR pipe and fitting material is tremendous at various places. PPR Pipe is looking like the advanced version among multiple pipe options. PPR pipe is made of copolymer, polypropylene, and ethylene material.


Gate valves, butterfly valves, elbow fittings, coupling, Male female threaded, and socket fitting products are available at our place. You can also ask us for the ideal solution material used to install a pipe system. We also have listed a toolkit and cutter on our website product page.

Characteristics of PPR pipe

  • The hygiene and non-toxicity made it a suitable alternative for water transportation needs. 
  • It can sustain in high-temperature and high-pressure application areas with a 0.01% failure rate.
  • It is not as tough as metal pipes, the interior and exterior surface is smoother than other materials.
  • Fusion technology has made the installation easier and sustainable with no leakage problems. 
  • Low investment in labor and time 
  • If everything is well PPR pipe can sustain for fifty to sixty years.

Uses of PPR pipe

  • You can install a solar energy system using the PPR pipe.
  • Commercial shopping complex, marts, shop owners are also installing these pipes for air compression systems, chilled and warm water supply. 
  • Food Processing Units, Chemical Units, Beverage units have also found it safe for industrial processes.
  • Hospital, Pathology Labs, testing laboratories, sewerage arrangements, hotels, Resorts have also been ordered from the pipe companies in India.

If you belong to any of the above-mentioned industrial or commercial establishments you can check our product page to know what kind of products we manufacture and also check the availability of size. Note down the product model to confirm the products matching with your requirements. We (KPT pipe manufacturer )will deliver high-quality products at the most convenient prices.

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